2 Pack – Sunlite PL13/SP65K 13-Watt Compact Fluorescent Plug-In 2-Pin Light Bulb, 6500K

10000 hour average Lamp Life. It has an average lamp life of 10000 hours. They are available in a wide range of sizes, wattages, color temperatures and pin configurations. Gx23 2-pin Base. This sunlite 13-watt compact fluorescent plug-in 2-pin light bulb offers 720 lumens of light output and a color rendering index of 80

13-watt, 720 lumens, 80 CRI. Pl13/sp65k. 6500k color temperature, Daylight Color. The 6500k super white color temperature produces a clean bright light similar to daylight. Sunlite compact fluorescent plug-in lamps are used with external electronic ballasts. The pl13/sp50k fits a gx23 2-Pin socket.

Kent 16T Hand Made Coarse/Fine Toothed Dressing, Grooming, and Styling Comb for Men/Women, 7"/185mm, 1 Ounce

This material is tactile, flexible and strong. Extra large women's comb. Length: 18. 5cm 185mm large, course and fine toothed dressing table comb. They glide effortlessly through hair without scratching to damaging the hair or scalp. The range includes designs for thick and fine hair, in varying sizes, for both men and women.

. Kent hand sawn combs are cut from large sheets of cellulose acetate rather than moulded, producing a truly gentle comb whereas moulded combs often snag and damage the hair. Kent combs have rounded teeth which ensure a smooth and comfortable action. Kent handmade combs for Men and Women Range are of excellent quality.


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