Bulborama B87332 #ad - Black light ultraviolet UV R20 Flood Light Bulb. However, standard incandescent black lights such as this item contain UV that is the long-wave type commonly used as a party bulb or for pet applications. They may be employed for decorative and artistic lighting effects, for the observation or detection of substances tagged with other substances that exhibit a fluorescent effect, for diagnostic and therapeutic uses in medicine, for the eradication of microorganisms, for the curing of plastic resins and for attracting insects.

Industrial grade lamps are built with brass bases to prevent socket corrosion and multi-support filaments to resist shock and vibration in any burning position. Black light sources have many uses. This item does not fully illuminate paint and other particles. Only "black light blue" bulbs provide this effect - please see below: All Bulborama black light bulbs emit their light as UV.

50 WATT R20 BLACK LIGHT INDUSTRIAL GRADE UV LIGHT BULB LONG LIFE BLACKLIGHT FLOODLIGHT BULB #ad - 50 watts, 120 volts, Medium Base. Black light bulb ultraviolet uv 50 watts r20 flood long life lamp - Bulborama Industrial Grade lamps are engineered to last up to 10 times longer than standard bulbs, therefore reducing operational and maintenance costs, and saving both time and money. 3. 95" maximum Overall Length.

Long life 5 Filament Support.

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ORFL10506 Floodlight Kit Green 18/2 Cord D132

Power Zone ORFL10506 #ad - Culus Listed. For outdoor use and around the house, LITERALLY. Ground stake keeps the flood light stable and secure to the ground. Durable weather resistant construction giving you more bang for your buck and peace of mind. For landscape and holiday lighting. Durable, weather resistant construction. Green with a 6' sjtw 18 gauge green cord and ground stake.

Adjustable neck allows for the proper angle without the hassle repositioning. Generous 6 foot cord to avoid too many extension cords.

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